Robin Padilla dares Filipinos to drop their gadgets and be a Military reservist, Face your fear!

Robin Padilla photo from google (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – Actor Robin Padilla is calling out Men and Women to join the Military’s reserve corps to show their love for their motherland just like the actor Matteo Guidicelli did.

The Filipino-Italian Actor Guidicelli, have recently enlist in the Philippine Military reserve force and underwent a rigorous scout ranger training for one month in Camp Tecson in San Miguel, Bulacan.

According to Matteo, in the Scout Rangers creed which he mentioned, he spoke about how "only men with iron determination are qualified to be one."

The actor said they were "trained like a panther; silent, swift, fearless," as he shared on his Instagram photos from the month-long training he underwent to be a Scout Ranger such as surviving the outdoors and handling firearms.

It has been only been a week since Guidicelli completed the course. He will be graduating top of his class with a grade of 95.2%. Matteo shared the reason why he joined the Army, he said, “because I love my country.”

Padilla is inviting every Filipinos to dare themselves, put aside their gadgets and join the Military reservist force.

“First step on Patriotism is to Fight your Wars within! Support your Armed Forces against domestic threat. Nasan ang mga matatapang? Yun mga kabataan na mapusok at maanghang magsalita follow the footsteps of sir Gianmatteo Fernan Guidicelli at sa mga matatandang katulad ko nag a malapit ng maatake at magpaalam sa buhay na ito ubusin na ang natitira ninyong tapang lakas at buhay sa serbisyo sa Bayan.” Robin Padilla stated on his Facebook post.

“Walang mararating ang pagiging matapang sa salita Bumangon ka dyan sa upuan mo at iwan ang keyboard ng computer o smartphone join the AFP reserve! Face your fear! Its time to look at our enemies in the eye! Para sa Dios Para sa Bayan Para sa Kapwa Tao!” Padilla said.

Source: Politiko

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