Bea Alonzo gave an honest answer about her relationship status with Gerald Anderson

Photo via andersongeraldjr on Instagram

Actress Bea Alonzo has finally decided to speak up about her relationship status with Gerald Anderson as she revealed the truth in an interview.

Rumors started to spread that the couple already ended their relationship when the actress wrote intriguing posts online.

Rottenpotatoe learned that Bea issued a statement about her relationship amidst the issue of Gerald’s ‘cheating’.

Though she said that there is no need for an explanation of what happened, when asked for her comment, Bea clarified that ‘break up’ did not happen.

“Sinabi daw ni Gerald na matagal na kayong hiwalay. [Sinabi niya daw] kay Dennis Padilla,” the reporter quipped.

“He said that? Honestly, to my understanding, we did not break up. He just started not talking to me,” Bea answered.

Bea Alonzo, or Phylbert Angelie Fagestrom in real life is a prominent actress known for her role in movies like ‘One More Chance’ and in the Philippine remake of “I Love Betty La Fea” as Betty Pengson.

Source: Kami

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