Animal welfare group rescued 50 dogs and 15 cats from being euthanized in Manila pound

Compiled photo from PAWSsion Project Facebook page (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – Around 50 dogs and 15 cats were spared from being euthanized in an animal pound in Tondo, Manila.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno posted on his Facebook page the abandoned pets were supposed to be scheduled for “mercy killing” or euthanasia because the Manila City pound is almost full.

But because of the cooperation of some kindhearted and compassionate individuals, these poor animals were given another chance.
An animal welfare group, PAWSsion Project, came to the rescue on Tuesday, headed by Ms. Malou Perez  and model/host Mr. Marc Nelson, were given authority to adopt the dogs and cats of Vitas Veterinary Inspection Board on Vitas Street in Tondo, Manila.
The Bulacan-based animal welfare group received the letter of authority from City Administrator Felixberto Espiritu and of course Mayor Isko for giving them the clearance to take away the animals and started the rescue immediately. 
PAWSsion Project also thanked Congresswoman Tal Bagatsing for coordinating with City Admin who raised the request with Mayor Isko. They immediately coordinated with MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary to make the adoption possible.

According to Ms. Malou Perez, these poor innocent pets were taken to the pound because of their “irresponsible pet owners.”
“So heartbreaking really what dogs have to go through in pounds because of irresponsible pet owners,” Perez added.
PAWSsion Project advocates responsible pet ownership, spay and neuter, and implementation of rules, fines, and penalties on animal cruelty. “This is a vicious cycle that will never end unless we all come together and make a stand.”
Marc Nelson slammed irresponsible pet owners who abandon their once-loved furry friends."Sadly, some, like this friendly shitzu, are voluntarily surrendered by their owners. Please people, be a responsible pet owner. If you get a pet, it's your duty to care for it for life,"

Mayor Isko Moreno also made an appeal on responsible pet ownership and thanked PAWSsion Project, MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary and Mr. Marc Nelson as well.
“Sa mga pet lovers po, please, marami pong mga kawawang aso at pusa na nire-rescue sa kalye who deserve a new home and loving owners. Adopt, don’t shop.” (To all the pet lovers, there are abandoned dogs and cats on the streets who deserve a new home and loving owners. Adopt, don’t shop.)
Perez likewise joined the call for adoption, "These dogs never deserved to be at the pound. Please, be careful with your pets and NEVER SURRENDER THEM IN POUNDS. Exhaust all means. Contact friends and family. Reach out to your local shelter," she also said.
Perez praises the Manila city government for its move to allow adoption. She is hopeful that the move will raise more awareness for pet care.

“Praying this will be the beginning of a better pound facility, and new ordinances and strict implementation on responsible pet ownership and more services for the animals like Free spay and neuter,” Perez said.
“If Bulacan did it, Manila starting to raise awareness, other cities can follow as well!” she added.
Some of the rescued pets were taken to the veterinarian for having multiple seizures before they were provided their new homes. They finished transferring the pets at around 3 a.m., Wednesday.

Source: Philstar

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