Couple who cut open a toy poodle will face charges for Animl Cruelty

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Manila, Philippines – Finally formal charges have been filed against the heartless couple who performed a gruesome Caesarian operation on a pregnant toy poodle that killed the poor dog in the process, according to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) on Tuesday.

The couple were identified as Jonathan and Evangeline Galguerra from Quezon City who allegedly "cut open a pregnant poodle with a regular kitchen knife and a pair of scissors" and live streamed the operation on social media.

"The couple breeds dogs without permits and are not veterinarians. Netizens who viewed the horrific FB live post claim that the mother dog was still alive as she was cut open," said the animal welfare advocacy group.

The video made the netizens furious and demanded justice for the helpless poodle was later on taken down from social media.

"By performing a surgical procedure themselves without being registered veterinary professionals and without using anesthesia, the Respondents not only maltreated and abused an animal by inflicting needless pain and causing its death, they also neglected to provide the animal...and the puppies they delivered...with the veterinary care demanded by the situation," according to the PAWS' complaint.

"May violation of Animal Welfare Act doon. Hindi lang sa fact na ginawa niya 'yung pagbukas ng aso, hindi namna siya veterinarian," PAWS Executive director Anna Cabrera explained.
Atty. Heidi Marquez-Caguioa, program director of the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), said

"Unang-una, 'yung neglect nga po niya sa pangangalaga doon sa kanyang aso. Dahil ito ay buntis na, dapat ito ay napadala on emergency sa mga veterinary clinic."

The dog’s death was also condemned by the Philippine Toy Poodle Owners group said that the dog did not undergo the correct procedure for giving birth.

The couple will face charges in violation of RA 8485 for animal cruelty and violation of the Philippine Veterinary Medicine Act.

The dog's owner earlier said in a report that he had to cut open his dying pregnant dog to save the litter of puppies that were still inside her.

The suspects have not given any comment yet as per posting.

Source: GMA news

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