Netizens react on photos of Kris Aquino sleeping on the floor beside her kasambay

Actress-host Kris Aquino /  photo from Philstar (ctto)

Actress-host Kris Aquino recently shared photos of her vacation in Japan with her sons Josh and Bimby and her kasambahay Bincai.

Her Instagram photos show that Bincai is resting on a bed beside Kris with both their beds on the floor while her sons, Josh and Bimby are both on the regular beds that are elevated from the floor.

“Perfect bedroom setup for us,” Kris wrote on her caption

Meanwhile, many netizens were impressed with Kris allowing her kasambahay to sleep beside her in the same room together with the children.

Here are some of their reactions:

"Ang nanay nga naman. Inuuna talaga comfort & well being ng mga anak kesa sarili nya. Mga anak nasa kama. Ang nanay nasa futon"

"Anu kaya ang feeling ni bincai everytime kasama ka nya sa pagtulog madame.. how i wish ako din."

“super down to earth ka ms kris!! Kaya tlgang u deserve everything in this world!”

“More family bonding when sleeping together with your sons.. bincai is so lucky” 

Photo from Kris Aquino's Instagram post

Source: Kris Aquino

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