Incredible! The Metro Manila Subway could rival with Singapore MRT

Image from DOTR

The Metro Manila subway project has officially started and finally pushing through after the ground breaking on February 27.

The 36-kilometer subway is the country’s first underground rail system that is among the flagship projects under President Rodrigo Duterte's Build, Build, Build program.

DOTr secretary Arthur Tugade said that it will take at least three years before it’s partially operational—six years until all 15 stations are completed.

Tugade also acknowledged that subway system's construction will surely have its fair share of challenge, but it is definitely worth it.

"Sa mga nagduda at nagbato ng agam-agam: Sir, Ma'am, ang Subway station ay TOTOO, TOTOO, TOTOO. We make a commitment to finish and complete the partial operability section of the Subway by 2022." Tugade said

DOTr posted images of the subway system’s prototype and images once finished – that design-wise, could rival those in advanced countries like Singapore.

The images posted are an accurate depiction of what the subway would look like once completed.


Source: DOTR, PEP Ph

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