Win or Lose! Manny Pacquiao is $10 million richer

Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – Mannt have speculated that Manny Pacquiao will definitely win against Adrien Broner but just like his usual fight, there is another huge payday that looms regardless if he wins or loses.

Reports said that the Filipino boxing champ is set to earn $10 million for defending his WBA welterweight championship against Broner – information was released by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Pacquiao is also entitled to receive percentage of the fight profits, including those from the live gate at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and the pay-per-view buys of the fight.

In his fight with Broner, it is not only money that motivates the sitting senator but he also wants to prove that despite his age, he is still fresh and in great shape to fight.

Meanwhile, Broner will take away $2.5 million, which probably plays a huge part of his motivation to fight against Pacquiao.

And like Pacquiao, Broner also gets a cut of the fight revenue.

Reports said that Broner had turned down a fight offer before when Pacquiao was still with  Bob Arum’s Top Rank Inc.

“All I worry about is, as long as my money is right, we could have a nice fight. I told Bob Arum that, but he only wanted to give me like $2 million. But I said, (expletive) him,’” he said.

“So, this time, you know, so this time, they talking a lot better. The numbers right. So, we gonna have a hell of a fight,” Broner added.

Source: Philstar

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