Tony Labrusca reacts to 'boyfriend', 'gay' rumor: 'That's so low'

Alex Diaz and Tony Labrusca / composite photo from Showbiz hub (ctto)

Glorious star Tony Labrusca recently went under fire for allegedly being rude to immigration officers of NAIA after some conflict concerning his citizenship where he was only granted to stay in the country for 30 days.

Tony already issued his public apology addressed to the immigration officer whom he had conflict with, but another controversy came up when a netizen commented on Facebook claiming that he was with his ‘boyfriend’ during the NAIA incident.

The claim reads:

“Dear Tony, you should apologize to the immigration officers and the supervisors you shouted earlier for giving you a 30 days visa…”

“…You even made a scene and calling them idiots, cursing, and yelling at them. You are just a newbie celebrity and you don’t have a bitch pass to do that here, please bear in mind that being a celebrity is being a role model…”

“…And bro, your boyfriend (opo may boyfriend sya sorry ladies) even tried to pacified you but you just ignored him. Buti pa dad mo nag apologize in your behalf pero ikaw? tall and proud…”

Reports said that Tony was with Kapamilya actor, Alex Diaz. 

Reacting to ‘boyfriend’ rumor, the actor said: “What’s wrong with Alex being with me on the immigration?”

“Just because we’re in the same flight we’re together na? That’s so low.” He said

“Why can’t people see the truth that we’re just friends and his tita even made sure we got the same flight para may kasama kami pauwi.” He added

Source: Rappler, PEP

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