Tony Labrusca apologizes over airport incident: 'I let my emotions get the better of me, I'm sorry'

Actor Tony Labrusca says 'sorry' after airport shouting incident / photo from Philstar

Glorious star Tony Labrusca on Friday apologized over the airport incident where he was caught in a video shouting at the Immigration officer who had informed him of his 30-day allowable stay in the Philippines shortly after arriving from Canada on Thursday.

The actor admitted to “letting my emotions get the better of me” when the incident happened at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

“I want to extend my sincerest apology to the superior Immigration Officer (IO) who was on duty and I had a talk with yesterday morning,” Labrusca said in his Twitter post.

 “After lining up and crossing the immigration, I went up to the superior IO and we ended up going inside the enclosed space inside her office to discuss privately.” The actor narrated the incident

“I admit I was a bit frustrated and that I asked why I was only given 30 days to stay in the country this time. I was unaware of the policy that because I was not with my mother, I did not qualify for a Balikbayan stamp.” He said

Labrusca was born in the United States, where he grew up. He is the son of former Kulay singer Angel Jones and actor Boom Labrusca.

In his public apology, the actor denied the allegations that have gone viral in social media.

“I’m sorry that I somehow took my frustrations out on the officer. But never did I ever call anyone stupid nor an idiot, much less brag about being a celebrity,” he wrote.

“My biggest mistake perhaps was letting my emotions get the better of me and again I’m sorry,” Labrusca said

“It was a long flight from Canada and while it is not a perfect excuse, I would like to start this year fresh both in my life and the people I’ve encountered. Once again, I am deeply sorry for my reaction.” The actor added

In the Immigration statement, it was said that the incident was described as involving an “American passport holder who reportedly shouted expletives when he was only given a 30-day stay.”

Source: ABS CBN

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