“The queen needs to be guarded at all costs. And you forgot that.” Nicko Falcis recalls Kris' words

Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis / Compiled photo from ABS CBN

ABS CBN had just released an article of its exclusive interview with Kris Aquino’s former business partner, Nicko Falcis, whom the actress accused of theft.

The said interview was carried out by Ces Oreña-Drilon, which lasted more than an hour, enough time for Nicko to give a glimpse of his 18-month work relationship with Kris.

He divulged how it all began and how they ended up in court cases.

Nicko said that he first met Kris in 2015, as they became co-owners of several Nacho Bimby and Potato Corner franchises, along with other partners.

Impressed with how Nicko handles business, “And that's where it started. That's when she kind of appreciated me, how good of a manager I am.”

Nicko claimed that Kris wanted to hire him, but he declined the offer.

“She wanted to hire me but since I'm already doing a lot of responsibilities, my number one caveat to her is that I can never go full time. I can form a team, I can represent her during the meetings but nothing beyond that. Like I can't be in an employer-employee relationship because I feel like I may be unfair to her later on. So we said, let's try it out first.”  He said

Nicko stressed that he was never employed by Kris, but he was there to manage the business for her. He was even allowed to make his own team.

Then Nicko went on saying that Kris even executed a SPA for him.

For reference, below is the conversation as disclosed by ABS CBN’s ANCX:

CD: “So you have special power of attorney?” 

N: “Of course. Everything. So she executed all of that. I can literally sign her digital life away. Yeah. Contracts, everything, all the business transactions.”

CD: “Did you have a salary?”

N: “I did not take a salary but I took in a percentage commission on all her revenues. Or collect whatever she collected as a celebrity and even as a producer on digital.” 

CD: “Can you tell us how much?”

N: “Twelve percent. Twelve percent on talent fees, five percent on branded webisodes. 

CD: “And this was your concept or her concept?”

N: “My concept. Honestly, she really came to it blindly. And, you know, she gave me full trust and confidence. ‘Oh Nicko, what do you think about this? Nicko, what do you think?’ She always tells me that she just knows all her contracts. ‘This is what I did before, you know this is what we experienced before’ and that's just it. And then it's up to me to crunch the numbers, make it into a good and very viable business model. And we saw the potential.” 

CD: “It was up to you—for instance, you have a webisode—it's up to you to put a price to sell to advertisers.

N: Yes to the brands.

CD: She called you her Northern Star? 

N: Yeah. I was. Every time she features me on IG, I was so grateful to her, mainly because I'm never a public person. You know, I never even announce, like, Oh, I'm the new Mister Manager of a Kris Aquino. Of course, I just told my mom; it's a personal feat. But nothing public. So whenever she puts it in public, I got so conscious about it. I always wanted to say, ‘Madam, I just want to do more for you, I just want to get more contracts for you, etc.’ And that's how things developed. But I think, as I said, to all other people, my language of service and love is bringing success. I'm a corporate slave, I'm a professional manager, but overall, I bring success to my stakeholders. And that has always been my mission in terms of working with her, working alongside her. And I think she just really were (stet) happy with how things panned out after her traditional media life.” 

During the interview, Nicko claimed that things began to get really sour after Kris returned from the Crazy Rich Asians premiere in the US.

“She found out that Metro.Style, the ABS-CBN lifestyle wesbite, was able to get exclusive access to her pictures from the premiere.

 “I think it triggered her most insecure side and she lashed out on us,” Nicko said

Though he had nothing to do with the said negotiations, Nicko still apologized to Kris.

“But what can your sorry do to me?” recalling Kris’ reply.

Nicko said that Kris expected him to know everything about her showbiz stint.

“I started seeing a very different Kris,” Nicko said to ANCX.

“And everyday, the messages kept coming. It's like her wanting to put all the guilt, put all the pressure, put all the blame unto me.” He said

“Unfortunately, empathy isn't one of my strongest suits,” Nicko added.

"I'm really like your type A manager. I'm just really your no-nonsense, let's-just-work-so-that-we-can-go-and-move-forward type of guy. And I think she felt so betrayed that I cannot support her emotionally. She said that I have duplicate keys to have free reign of the queendom. I did. And I was able to deliver what she has envisioned. But unfortunately, I cannot support her, cuddle her, or cheer for her the way she wanted.” He said

“I wanted to be nurtured Nicko. I have to be supported. I am the queen.” Nicko narrating the specific words of Kris.

When asked if those were the exact words, "Yes. She said that “the queen needs to be guarded at all costs. And you forgot that.” Nicko said


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