Nicko Falcis claims Kris Aquino wants to run in 2022, lied about her health to protect endorsements

Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis feud
Kris Aquino with Nicko Falcis / photo from (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – The former business partner of Kris Aquino, Nicko Falcis has released another set of personal messages that were allegedly sent by the actress previously.

Falcis Instagram post uploaded dated January 22 claims that Aquino “premeditated” her attacks on him for leaving the Kris Cojuangco-Aquino Productions (KCAP), where he was also a managing director.

He said that Aquino went as far as “bullying” his family, work colleagues and friends.

“You have a serious mental problem. I did not steal anything from you, it was you who stole my reputation, my freedom, and my relationships,” Falcis added

Ending his post, Falcis said that Aquino used her illness as an “excuse” for missing work in the past year.

“We both know you want to run in 2022 because it’s your so-called destiny,” he said.

Meanwhile, the set of alleged personal messages from Aquino tells about an “official statement” on her health to protect her food endorsements.

“Our official statement is that I have adult onset asthma [which] we discovered because of my severe allergic reactions… hindi na raw tayo ma qu-question,” the message read

“Because I told him there’s no way we can admit the BP fluctuations because puro food conglomerates ang endorsements and with my BP- dapat low sodium everything.”

“So most believable explanation is severe allergies and asthma complications because if respiratory walang (there are no) questions about food intake.”

Kris vs Nicko
Screen capped image from Nicko Falcis's post

Then another message mentions about attacks made against Aquino from “political enemies” and that ABS CBN will make sure she will not succeed.

“Media mileage in your eyes is more stress for me and that’s why I needed this time to detach…no matter how strong a person is – the never ending attacks on me as a person has taken its toll, both for my mental and physical health.”

“I am actually seeing the wisdom in the words of my sisters – but I told myself I need to look at this as 30 months of staying strong then I should walk away – that’s why there was that February 14, 2021 finish line.”

Screen capped image from Nicko Falcis's post

On 2021, Aquino would turn 50 years old.

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