Korina Sanchez's photos draw mixed reactions from her Instagram followers

Photo collage from Korina Sanchez's Instagram account

On her Instagram account, Korina Sanchez-Roxas asked her followers for opinions about the photo collage she shared on Instagram.

She asked her followers to choose which among her four pictures look best, but instead, her pictures elicited different reactions from netizens.

Some of her followers said that they liked all of it, while others said that they like her “original” face and that her new look made her look older, etc.

It is known that Korina underwent a procedure called Thermage by Dr. Vicki Belo's Belo Medical Group, which made her face look smaller.

Here are some comments of her followers on Instagram:

“I like the way it was...but whatever makes you happy that's all that matters

“I like the natural korina”

“All of the above...walang tapon”

“Walang maganda!!! Honestly Mas maganda ang mukha nyo po noon ...i am 50 years old pero wala akong pinaretoke sa mukha ko ni buttocks and facial wala akong ganyan. Gabyan soap and cream”
“dna xa makilala. .But anyway. .buhay mo yan Jan k masya un lang nman tayo eh kung saan tayo sasaya kht s anong paraan.”

“Sorry to say this but your new look doesn’t make you young but older instead”

“Angyari Madam yong ganda at pretty at gaan sa mata mong Face mo noon mahal ng ginastos mo Madam sayang maganda poh yong dating ikw yong mukhang di pinatapang at pina tigas”

“Parang hindi na ikaw ms korina..”

"None! Looks like nanay ni arci munoz.."

“Wala. Honestly mas maganda kapa noon Ms. Korina bakit naisipan nyo magparetoke at yung body nyo po bakit nagkaganyan. Sorry to say this but nagsasabi lang ako ng totoo.”

“Number 2 is the best Ms. K”

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