In Falcis complaint against Kris, she is quoted saying: “we just hire someone to kill for us..."

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Last Friday afternoon, January 18, when the former managing director of KCAP, Aquino’s online company, along with his brother Jesus Falcis filed two counts of grave threats against the actress before the Office of the City Prosecutor of Quezon City.

In the said complaint, the brothers claimed that the crime was committed on September 27, 2018 when Aquino threatened to have Nicko killed should he return to the country.

Falcis brothers filed their complaint a day after a recorded phone conversation between Nicko and Kris went viral online.

In the same document, Nicko said Kris confided in him before and he quoted Kris saying “we just hire someone to kill for us, that’s why we befriend the killers in our circle”.

Also, Falcis included a screenshot of Kris’ alleged message to him containing a record of his international travels as proof she had access to it and power to do so.

The complaint also mentions about two bodyguards of Kris who are former members of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) under the administration of Aquino. 

“We understand that her body guards carry firearms and have been specially trained to use those firearms to maximum effect.”

Falcis also included screenshots of messages sent by Kris to Nicko where she was asking him to leave the country.

“I am not an evil person Nicko, I have gratitude for you having been there when we started… I am also savvy about what can be done to a person’s reputation when big business starts speculating about the WHYs… I prayed about it & for this to end properly w/ no questions asked- you need to apply for a short term course or any form of studies that will momentarily require your 100% focus & attention… this will be the most credible & believable reason w/ no damage to you & me.” (Emphasis and underscoring supplied from the filed complaint) one of the messages stated

Source: ANC 

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