Gretchen Barreto sides with Nicko Falcis amid his feud with Kris Aquino

Compiled photo of Gretchen Barreto and Nicko Falcis (from Inquirer and

Gretchen Barreto shows support and empathy towards Nicko Falcis, former Managing Director of Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions (KCAP)—digital company, whom Kris accused of theft.

On her Instagram account, Gretchen posted a screetshot of an article by (Philippine Entertainment Portal) which the title reads: "Nicko Falcis swears Kris Aquino said: 'PAPAPATAY KA NG PAMILYA KO,'”

Gretchen then said on her caption:

“I feel for mr. Nicko Falcis after reading this article. I salute him for his courage to speak the truth , fight for his family name & reputation inspite of the threat to his life No to bullies!!!! STOP POWER TRIPPING”

Falcis is a former business partner of Kris whom she accused of using the KCAP credit card for his personal expenses.

The amount  in purchases supposedly stolen reached P1.27 million, but Falcis said that those expenses were for KCAP which Kris approved, supported with receipts.

"All those items were supported by receipts and properly recorded, with an explanation of each expense, in order to establish an audit trail, for Aquino’s and her accountants’ review," Falcis said.

In his statement, Falcis alleged Kris of threaning his life, recalling a conversation in September last year where Kris allegedly said: "HWAG ka nang bumalik sa Pilipinas, nadinig mo, NO, hwag ka, PAPAPATAY KA NG PAMILYA KO, "

Source: PEP, ABS CBN

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