Catriona Gray on Australia's claim over Miss Universe victory: 'But I am a Miss Philippines'

Catriona Gray images from Bb. Pilipinas Official Facebook

Manila, Philippines – Amid the ‘tug-of-war’ between the Philippines and Australia, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray on Wednesday finally spoke about it.

Being Filipino-Australian, she was asked if she felt ‘weird’ that’s competing against Miss Australia’s Francesca Hung, but she said no.

“No, because I really feel like I’m a Miss Philippines. I just feel like a Filipina, a Filipino woman. It just so happened that when I was growing up, I was very much of an Australian. And I think I can be both,” Catriona told host Kerry Justich in an interview with New York City live interview series “Build Series.”

“I mean because I did grow up [in] those two sides of the world if you would,” she added.

After winning the crown as Miss Universe, Australians also celebrated Catriona’s victory, some media outfit even claiming her as their own representatives.

In Cairns City, where Catriona was born, its Mayor Bob Manning reportedly announced that he is planning to hold a mayoral reception for Catriona, a treatment for locals who have achieved world championship status.

Catriona, however, just laugh it off but said that she cannot blame the Aussies.

“I just thought it was funny that there was this war, like, ‘no, she’s ours, she’s practically a Miss Australia.’ But I am a Miss Philippines. But I can’t blame them for being excited, from really feeling the high spirits of the season, too. So we’ll let them have that,” she said.

Source: Philstar

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