Broner brags about ‘unscathed’ face after Pacquiao fight

Adrien Broner's unscathed face / photo via his Instagram

Manila, Philippines – After losing to Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao in their WBA  welterweight title match, Adrien Broner remain in high spirits.

Broner, 29, took to Instagram and posted a ‘clean face’ photo of him, without bruises or marks of being in a fight.

“I fought @mannypacquiao tonight..... do it look like I took punishment[?] #GoodFightBra,” Broner wrote in the caption.

Broner might not have many bruises for someone who just went on 12 rounds fight with Pacquiao, but it does not reflect what really happened at the MGM Grand Garden Arena the other night.

According to reported statistics, Broner received a total of 112 punches from Pacquiao, 82 of which are power shots and he often got the Pacman’s famous left straight to the face punch.

Broner, on the other hand, landed to small 50 punches the entire 12 rounds of their fight.

Despite the stats, he still claimed that he did well, and he only controlled the fight.

“I controlled the fight, he was missing. I hit him clean more times,” says the American boxer.

“I feel great. It’s time to cash them checks,” Broner also said after receiving $2.5 million plus the percentage of the fight’s profits.

Maybe, his ‘clean face’ and the millions of money he got is enough for him to brag.

Source: Philstar

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