6 things that everyone should NEVER EVER do at the airport

Fil-Am actor Tony Labrusca/ photo from Philstar

The Tony Labrusca airport incident has served a reminder to every one of the things a traveler should not do at the airport, especially if you are a celebrity or known personality.

Making scenes at airports could get you into a big trouble with the help of social media exposure.

Incidents at public places require patience; also remember the following when talking to airline crew and of course, to Immigration officials if you do not want to get into a mess.

Never ever raise your voice.

Don’t get carried away, remember to play your cool and not argue too loudly to avoid attracting a scene, because of if you do, you might end up in ‘viral’ videos.

Never say "Hindi mo ba ako kilala?" and namedrop.

Many have already used this line ‘Hindi mo ba ako kilala?’ surely; you should know by now that it never works. The situation will only get worse if you namedrop someone who is powerful to get off the hook.

Just remember the outburst earned by ACTS OFW party-list representative Aniceto "John" Bertiz III last year, who tried to break airport protocol.

Jump the queue.

Do not lose your manners and try to cut the line. This is not acceptable anywhere.

In October 2017, actress Angelica Panganiban got involved in alleged ‘cutting the line in immigration’ issue along with her friends, who were bashed by netizens.

Karma might find you too quick, so beware.

Never be late.
The airline won’t wait for a late passenger. They can page and try to locate you, but once the boarding gate is closed, you can no longer board. Thus, either you take the next flight, subject to penalties or forfeit your ticket.

According to the airline policies, passengers must be at boarding gate "at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time," and that the "gate will close fifteen (15) minutes before departure."

Remember Richard Gutierrez and then-girlfriend Jewel Mische incident? They missed their flight for being late.  

Never insult an immigration officer.

If you do not want to be declared as “undesirable alien” for being rude, never ever do this.

Department of Foreign Affairs secretary Teddyboy Locsin recently said that Tony Labrusca should be deported after news broke out that the Fil-Am actor allegedly cursed, shouted, and even bragged about his popularity to immigration officer.

Never forget or lose your travel documents.

You can be denied entry and be offloaded if you failed to present needed travel documents.
If you are in other countries, do not ever leave your bags.

And that tiny immigration form at the check in counter, you need to keep it or ensure if was given back to you by immigration officers upon arriving at your destinations.

Source: PEPph

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