Teddy Locsin urges Taekwondo association to disown the Ateneo bully student - forever

Composite photo of the Ateneo junior high school student (from Facebook) and Foreign Affairs secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. (inquirer)

Manila, Philippines - Amid the mess surrounding the Ateneo junior high school student who was caught bullying a schoolmate on a viral video, Foreign secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. on Sunday urged the Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) to disown its practioner, Joaquin Montes, forever.

Montes was seen on a video using his martial arts skills on a helpless boy at the school premises.

“He is a [taekwondo] champion and since he used the skill to hurt a boy—you saw the blood—the [Taekwondo] Association should disown him. Forever,” Locsin said a tweet

He also disagreed with few senators who called on the public not to bully yhe erring teen, who got bashed on social media.

“Boy has no problem; fact he had an advantage: made himself a martial arts champion and took it out on a harmless boy,” Locsin said.

“What do you do with someone who has a deadly weapon? Give him a medal or a punch in the face? Christian Brothers gave punches. Cassocked ‘siokis’ give advice,” he also said, referring to gay priests.

Earlier, PTA had condemned the action of the student saying such are not the sport stands for.

“It has come to our attention that several videos involving a Taekwondo practitioner engaged in alleged violent incidents are circulating online. We, the Philippine Taekwondo Association, condemns any form of misbehavior which includes harassment, bullying, and acts of violence. This is not what Taekwondo instills to its practitioners and is a serious matter that we as an association stand against,” said the PTA in a statement signed by vice president Danilo J. Mojica.
“Modesty is one of the five tenets of Taekwondo that is being taught to all Taekwondo practitioners from the first day of training. Our association reiterates its objective to teach all Taekwondo practitioners self-respect and respect for others,” the statement added

Source: Inquirer

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