Taekwondo association gives second chance to Ateneo bully: 'If he shows remorse and undergoes rehabilitation'

Philippine Taekwondo Association President Robert Aventajado and screen-capped image from the viral video

Manila, Philippines- The Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) said that there is still a second chance for the student of Ateneo who was caught in a video bullying a schoolmate, if he shows remorse for what he did.

“If he shows remorse and undergoes rehabilitation, the PTA will welcome him back,” PTA president Robert Aventajado said

“It’s all about giving this young Taekwondo practitioner a second chance. But he must show remorse,” Aventajado added

The Taekwondo association had reportedly conducted its own investigation on the recent incident of bullying involving their practitioner who was caught in a viral video.

Moreover, Aventajado said that ad hoc committee of PTA has decided to place the junior high school student under indefinite ban on all taekwondo related events in the country.

“This means he is barred from competing or joining any PTA-sanctioned event,” he said
“It is effective immediately,” said Aventajado.

However, the PTA reiterated that it is open to reconciliation as it called on the public to be “mindful of their comments particularly on social media, bearing in mind that the subjects are minors.”

“We are recommending the student undergo rehabilitation with organizations equipped to handle his counseling,” it said in an official statement.

“The PTA on its part will endeavor to lend support through its Taekwondo education and training programs. The aim for this is to allow the individual to own responsibility for his actions, show remorse and contribute positively to the community,” it added.

Aventajado said that it will be up to the student now and his family to decide.

Source: Philstar

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