San Miguel Corp. to discontinue plastic bottled water product as part of environment-friendly operations efforts

Manila, Philippines - San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has announced on Sunday that it will discontinue its plastic bottled water line “Purewater”, as part of the company’s effort to more environment-friendly operations.

According to SMC President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon Ang "The plastic bottled water business has given us good returns, but we are choosing to forego it in favor of our long-term sustainability goals,"

SMC said that the move was part of their initiatives to minimize environment marks, and goes in line with the conglomerate’s investments in sustainable businesses.

"As we've transformed to a diversified business with interests in critical industries like power, infrastructure, public utilities and fuels, we realize we have a much bigger role to play in tackling the most pressing social and environmental issues," the SMC’s president said

Reportedly, the country is the third highest producer of plastic waste found in oceans as it produces 1.88 million metric tons of mismanaged waste per year – according to studies.

So instead of selling “Purewater” bottled product, SMC will instead continue the same brand through its investment in filtration technology – which will be deployed during times of calamities for 
affected families to have access to safe drinking water.

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