Family wrongly dragged in Ateneo bullying mess: "May pamilya kayong naapektuhan, na walang kamalay malay sa issue!"

Netizen appeals to stop sharing their family address as they're not related to Ateneo bully student / photo compiled from Facebook and Google

Amid the controversy involving a junior high school student of Ateneo who was caught bullying a schoolmate in a viral video, a family was undeservedly dragged into it.

Netizen Jewel Taculod has appealed to the public to stop sharing their address as they are not in any way connected to the said incident.

Taculod said her home address has been flooded with food and products from online retailer deliveries after their address has been carelessly publicized as Joaquin Montes' address on social media by an unidentified netizen.

"Jollibee deliveries, Pizza hut delivery of worth 7k.. for Joaquin Montes. Ano pa bang darating?" Taculod said on her Facebook post

She also remined the netizens to be responsbile when sharing posts on Facebook.

"May pamilya kayong naapektuhan, na walang kamalay malay sa issue! Matanda na mga magulang ko para patulan kayo. Please naman." she said

"Hindi kami binayaran ng sinoman para ibenta ang address namin! Jusko!" Taculod added.

In an interview with the Inquirer, Taculod maintained that they do not know the Montes family.

“Ni hindi ko nga shineshare sa facebook yung mga viral videos niya kasi I’m not that type of person na nakikichismis sa mga viral,” she added

Taculod also said that deliveries came since Friday afternoon.

“Earlier that day, nagulat kami sa Facebook kasi address namin yung kumakalat. Nung una, hindi kami masyado nagw-worry. Tapos nung hapon na nagka-delivery dun na kami nagulat,”  she recalled.

Taculod explained that her family signed a copy of the delivery orders but did not pay for it.

Source: Jewel Taculod, Inquirer

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