ADMU President Fr. Villarin says investigation ongoing, assures dismissal or expulsion for grave misconduct of student

Father Jose Ramin Villarin, SJ / photo file from GMA Network

The Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) president Father Jose Ramon Villarin, SJ  had issued his statement assuring the public that an investigation is being conducted about the bullying incident.

He also assured that a disciplinary action will be issued soonafter and that the issue is being treated "with the highest priority and urgency."

"The Juniour Highschool Committee on Discipline has been meeting since the incident was reported and has been conducting all the inquiries we need to come up with a decision." the Jesuit priest said on a statement posted on ADMU's official Facebook page.

"Let me be clear: the school does not condone such behavior. We have our codified standards of conduct and all students are made aware of these and their rights and responsibilities," he said

"The school is not silent on its stand on violence and it will not hesitate to impose the penalty of dismissal or even expulsion in cases of grave misconduct," he added.

Villarin was referring to the viral video that showed a junior highschool student physically and verbally attacking the other student.

Two more videos have surfaced online showing the same student, identified as Joaquin Montes, a black belt Taekwondo medalist, physically hurting others.

"A hallmark of Ateneo education is teaching our young men to respect the dignity of others, to practice the value of communication and dialogue, and to cultivate the compassion and discipline we all need to build mutual respect and peace in the community." the Jesuit priest also said

Source: GMA Network, ADMU

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