'Sister Patricia Fox’s deportation unfair, unjust' - CBCP official says

Australian nun Patricia Fox lights a candle as she attends a prayer vigil in Manila / photo file from CNN

Manila, Philippines – A Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) official lamented on Thursday about the deportation of Australian missionary Sister Patricia Anne Fox, calling it unfair and unjust.

Fox is set to leave the country tomorrow, November 3 after the Bureau of Immigration denied the extension of her temporary visa which would expire this Saturday.

CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Missions (ECM) chairman Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes said that it was wrong to identify Fox, 72, as an undesirable alien because she has dedicated her life to help the indigenous people and the farmers. 

The provincial superior of the Sister of Our Lady of Sion has been in the Philippines for the past 27 years.

“As a bishop and a religious missionary of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), I am very disappointed with the unfair and unjust deportation of Sister Fox, who has been sacrificing her life and using her personal strength and efforts for the upliftment of the life of our fellow lumad Filipinos, the genuine and original inhabitants of our God-given land,” Bastes said.

“I cannot understand why the President and his officials call a frail lady dedicated to a noble cause an ‘undesirable alien,’” he added. 

Bastes, also said that this decision of the government only shows “the paranoia of our officials, who are guilty of heinous crimes against humanity. They cannot stand criticism from anyone who exposes their evil deeds.”

With this, he calls on the Catholic faithful to pray for the government officials’ enlightenment.

Since Fox is leaving the country voluntarily, she would not be placed in the Immigration’s blacklist and she can still return to the Philippines.

The Australian nun was arrested by BI intelligence operatives on April 16 for allegedly joining partisan political activities which is against the law.

Source: Philstar

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  1. She is present in Anti Duterte demonstration, so she's not so frail at all and worst is, INSTEAD OF SPREADING THE WORD OF GOD SHE SPREAD HAVOC AND DIVISION ON A FOREIGN SOIL!! Now you tell me how dumb can you get, if you dont get what I mean.