Lacson scolds Rappler for misquoting him: 'Katotohan lang, walang dagdag, walang bawas'

Senator Ping Lacson / photo from Rappler

Manila, Philippines - Senator Ping Lacson scolds Rappler for misquoting a part of his statement in its Twitter status on Tuesday referring to the proposal of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) to shut down social media accounts that are deemed threats to national interest.

“Katotohanan lang ang dapat ilabas. Walang dagdag, walang bawas.” The senator said in a Facebook post together with screenshots of Rappler’s status and his replies.

On its Tweet, rappler wrote: “Senate public order committee chairman Panfilo Lacson accepts NICA’s proposal to grant DICT the power to shut down social media accounts that are considered “inimical to national interest.”"

Lacson then was quick to rectify saying he never mentioned “inimical to national interest”.

“I don’t recall using or even hearing the phrase, “ inimical to national interest” during the public hearing earlier today, or even during the ambush interview by the senate media.” He said

Rappler’s writer Camille Elemia explained her understanding of the interview, saying that ‘inimical interest’ was actually referring to NICA’s proposal, which Lacson approved. But Elemia agrees that the senator never mentioned the phrase.

“Even granting without my admitting, my qualifying statement to make sure that the constitutional rights to freedom of speech and freedom of expression will not be violated should have been included by Rappler to preclude malice” Lacson retaliated

Source: Ping Lacson 

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