Duterte on deportation of illegal workers: 'Be careful, remember same amount of Filipinos are there'

President Rodrigo Duterte (presidential photo) and photo of illegal workers nabbed by NBI (from Philstar)

Manila, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte has already approve the deportation of illegal Chinese workers, but said the crackdown should be carried out with caution because there are Filipinos getting lenient treatment abroad.

The Senate had recently conducted a probe on the influx of foreign workers in the Philippines; it was revealed that department of Labor has issued almost 52,000 alien employment permits for workers from China.

Out of more than 119, 000 tourists, most of them are Chinese, who were able to escape Philippine labor regulations.

The president agreed to have them deported, but stressed that some countries have been lenient to the Filipinos.

“Yes, they should be deported. But in the same manner, you should be careful because when you point to the Chinese you also point… at us. There are so many thousands of Filipinos working there or went inside China as tourists and (are) working there,” the President said yesterday. 

“Remember it’s not just exploiting a story about the Chinese working here. We are doing the same thing in Malaysia. A lot of our women are there – in Indonesia, China, Korea,” he added. 

The chief executive also noted that while some of us are complaining about the presence of foreign workers, other countries are also experiencing the same.

He said that going ‘rough’ with the issue might affect the Filipinos working abroad.

“Remember that we have also exported the same problem to them,” the President said.

Duterte said that being an illegal worker is wrong, but there has to be an arrangement on how they should be handled.

“If you think that you are at a loss, at a disadvantage because there are so many Chinese nationals working here, remember that we have the same amount of people – Filipinos who are there working in China. But they are not deporting anyone… maybe you can just tell them to go home,” Duterte said. 

“Otherwise, if you start to get rough on this issue, there is a distinct possibility that it will also happen to you. So you know when you sail your ship of state, you avoid turbulent waters,” he added.

Source: Philstar

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