The troubled past of Lion Air: The airline involved in recent crash with no survivors, has suffered series of accidents in years

Image from April 2013, Lion Air flight 904 that crashed in the sea off Bali / photo by Getty Images

Manila - With the recent accident involving Lion Air that crashed after taking off from Jakarta is only one among the long list of incidents involving flight airlines in Malaysia.

For instance, the low cost Lion Air has already been involved in numerous crashes in recent years, though none was fatal as the recent one which killed 188 passengers on board.

According to a report published by Daily Mail, one of the company's Boeing jets collided with a Wings Air back in 2007 –happened during a botched landing at Kualanamu airport on the island of Sumatra. Nobody was injured though.

While in 2016, two Lian Air planes collided at Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta airport.

Then a month prior, a plane operated by Batik Air, also owned by Lion Group, clipped a TransNusa plane. 

Year 2014 when at least 32 passengers were killed and while 61 got injured when a Lion Air plane skidded off the runway in Central Java after a landing in bad weather.

Lion Air plane skidded off the runway in Central Java in 2014 after landing in bad weather

In 2013, a said Lion Air jet flown by a young, inexperienced pilot underestimated the runway while attempting to land in Bali, carrying 108 passengers crashed into the sea and was split into two.

There were several casualties in the said crash.

Reportedly, several documents confirm the multiple occasions involving miscalculation of runways, which resulted to minor damages to the plane back in 2012 and 2013.

Indonesia relied to its air transportation to connect its thousands of islands and indeed, its air travel industry is booming. However, it has a poor reputation when it comes to safety regulations and frequent incidents in recent years.

The recent accident involving Lion Air's flight JT-610 with 188 passengers, no reported survivors, mirrored the tainted reputation of Malaysia Airlines with its missing MH370 and downed MH17.

In 2014, MH370 disappeared while flying from Malaysia to China. Months later, MH17 was shot down while flying over Ukraine – no survivors among its 283 passengers and 15 cabin crews.

Source: Daily Mail

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