Anghel sa himpapawid! Pretty AirAsia stewardess steals the hearts of thousands

photos uploaded by passenger George Wong (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - AirAsia flight stewardess unexpectedly became famous after candid shots of her during flight went viral as she captured the attention of Malaysians with her good looks.

The shots of Mabel Goo were taken by a passenger while she was serving the passengers on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong.

The passenger named George Wong, posted Goo’s photos on his Facebook page on October 13.

"Affordable fares with incredible scene, what else to blame (complain)," the caption says

The post of Wong immediately went viral and attracted more than 4, 000 shares and thousands of likes and comments since it was posted.

An article from The Star website stated that when Goo was contacted, said she was surprised by the attention she received after the photos had gone viral.

“I am told it has gone (viral) across China and even the UK.” She said

“But I like to focus my attention more on my work in AirAsia,” Goo added

The pretty stewardess also said that being a cabin crew has always been her dream since she was in High School.

It was also noted that Goo has been with AirAsia for almost one and a half years.

 Goo's candid shots taken by passenger George Wong

Goo's candid shots taken by passenger George Wong

As her photos gone viral on the internet, it also attracted similar posts with more photo of her such as below:

Image from Goo’s Facebook

Image from Goo’s Facebook

Image from Goo’s Facebook

Source: The Star

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