Some popular tea brands possess dangerously high levels of pesticides

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Most people says drinking tea is a healthy alternative for those who are trying to live a healthy life but still need their daily dose of caffeine. However, a new study reveals that tea may not be as safe as we earlier thought.

An article posted by says a large number of well-known brands of tea have tested over allowable limits of pesticides in it.

The report also said that the presence of pesticides is not impossible as it were often used to protect tea leaves during the initial farming stage of its production.

Food regulations allow some presence of pesticides, only setting thresholds that are still safe for its consumers.

DDE (a metabolite of DDT), heptachlor epoxide, permethrin, and acetamiprid are the chemicals being questioned – as there are toxic pesticides, labeled carcinogenic and have been found to interrupt the proper function of the endocrine system. These are important health concerns that people must look into.

And despite the risk, a completed testing by CBC’s Marketplace found out that half of the teas that 8 of the 10 brands tested contained more than one chemical.

In fact, one brand even contained residues of 22 different pesticides, the article said.

“This is very worrisome from a number of perspectives,” explained environmental lawyer David Boyd. 

“The presence of so many pesticides on a single product and so many products that exceed the maximum residue limits for pesticides, suggests that we’re seeing very poor agricultural practices in countries, which poses risk to the environment where these products are being grown; which pose risk to the farm workers who are growing these crops, and ultimately pose risk to the Canadians who are consuming these products.” he said

This Marketplace study focuses on Canadian products and regulations, but you can’t be so sure yet.
The said article also disclosed the brands that failed the CBC Marketplace testing:

The nine teas that failed the CBC Marketplace testing were:
– King Cole: Orange Pekoe
– Lipton: Pure Green Tea
– Lipton: Yellow Label Black Tea
– No Name: Black Tea
– Signal: Orange Pekoe
– Tetley: Green Tea
– Twinings: Earl Grey
– Uncle Lee’s Legends of China: Green Tea
– Uncle Lee’s Legends of China: Jasmine Green Tea

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