Keep the doctors away: A glass of lemon water helps you treat these common health problems

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Most of us probably know that Lemons are good for detoxifying the body as it flushes toxins out.
Drinking water with lemon each morning is a popular trend nowadays, others are making it a routine because it comes with great benefits.

It is said that Lemon water is full of flavonoids, volatile oils, vitamin B, C and good carbs.

Our body uses these essential nutrients for good and proper digestion; it also helps you lose weight as it reduces the appetite.

There are the common problems that are treatable with lemon water:

Lemon water can lower acidity in the body that causes acne. You can also use lemon juice to cleanse your face, ensure to drink a glass of lemon as well after, for a much better result.

Drinking more water makes you feel fuller, thus, reducing your appetite to eat more. It also helps your digestive system work beautifully. Adding lemon to water will give your metabolism a nice boost.

Immune System Imbalance
Lemon is a great source of vitamin C, it provides a natural immunity boost and also helps flush out bad bacteria out of the body.

Kidney Stones
Your urine’s citrate level will naturally increase with more lemon water intake, because you are taking in more potassium – and it will melt the stones away.

Painful Gallbladder
Drinking a glass of lemon water after a heavy meal to feel immediate relief.

Colds and Flu
Vitamin C is a common immune system booster, thus drinking water with lemon will help your body fight colds and flu.

Weak Fingernails
Lemon water helps increase your fingernails’ strength. It can also eliminate pesky white spots on it.

Food Poisoning
If you love to travel, drink lemon water to help prevent food poisoning.

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