Sleeping with Eye Make Up Could Possibly Cause Blindness

A recent case detailed by American Academy of Ophthalmology journal in its May 2018 issue says that an Australian woman began experiencing an uncomfortable sensation underneath her eyelids.

Dark pigments were found they thought were mascara fragments in some parts of  50-year old, Theresa Lynch’s eye.

"[The lumps] were embedded so deep that particles were building up on top of each other," the 50-year old, Lynch said.

"I was so uncomfortable. My eyelids were swollen and heavy because I left it for so long." She added.

According to the Journal’s authors, Lynch admitted to not removing her mascara before going to sleep for almost 25 years of her life.

Mascara fragments have already build up in her eyelids, thus rubbing them unconsciously placed Lynch’s eyes in danger.

The lady was at risk of going permanently blind after the fragments infected her eyes.

"It was certainly disabling," Dr. Robaei explained. "She has suffered permanent scarring on her eyelid and the surface of her cornea. The symptoms are like somebody throwing a handful of sand in your eye — it's constantly irritating."

Thus, ladies, after a long night out, take a minute or two to remove your eye make-up, to avoid suffering the same consequences.

Source: MSN Lifestyle

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