A brave dog dies fighting for his rescuer from a snake

Photos from FB of Ms Jonah Lynne Enriquez

Indeed, a man’s best friend and a savior too. On December 2, 2017, a heroic dog named Jago showed remarkable braveness to protect his new owner, Ms. Jonah Lynne Enriquez of Samal Bataan from a venomous snake, a viper.

The viper was about to attack her while she was cleaning the dogs shelter. Thanks to mighty Jago, without hesitation, he quickly approached and battled with the viper to ensure his mom Jonah’s safety.

Jago was one of the deserted dogs that Ms. Enriquez rescued in Bulacan last year and put on their family’s mini-animal Shelter in Samal, Bataan. She is a hardcore animal lover and a rescuer too. The dog that she rescued made an ultimate sacrifice for her in return, his life.

Jago protected the human he loves the most. He has died battling the snake, but his heroic deed will always be remembered.

In 2016, this dog rescuer was featured by GMA news. Ms. Enriquez started rescuing abused and neglected dogs four years ago.

“Sa simula sa mga kalapit barangay kapag nakakakita ako ng mga asong naiiwan sa kalye, ginagalis, stray, iniuuwi ko sa bahay. Tapos nagkasunod-sunod na dahil pati sa Maynila, iyong nasa dog pound na gagamitan ng euthanasia, ang ilan kinukuha ko,” she explained in an interview with GMA 7’s Unang Balita in June 2016.

When asked as to why she took the step and responsibility, she said;

“Kung hindi ko gagawin, sino tutulong sa mga hayop? Hindi ko pwedeng iasa sa iba. Dapat gawin ko sa abot ng aking makakaya sapagka't nakadepende sa tao ang mga hayop. Dapat i-rescue at buksan ang ating tahanan para sa mga animals,”

Ms. Enriquez urges all the pet owners to treat their dogs like a family member, as they would never know what these furs can do for them in return.

She also advised the owners not to put their pets in a cage or on a leash, they should be free to play around.

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