5 healthy tips to keep your family safe this rainy season

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Many of us may like the charms of rain drops, cool mist and air during rainy season. We also get the chance to wear hoodie jackets and of course, the pleasure of drinking a cup of coffee while watching a great movie.

However, rainy days has dangers as well, because mainly, diseases like dengue, bacteria like the leptospirosis and viruses can also become active due to the humid temperature brought by frequent rains.

Worry no more, because just like any other situation, it can also be prevented with simple precautions to stay healthy during this season.

Here are some healthy tips from IndiaParenting.com that you must take to keep your love ones safe especially the kids.

  Ø  Use Water-Resistant Rain Gear
Ensure your kids do not leave the house without raincoats or umbrella. It is also good to invest in waterproof shoes or rubber shoes.

  Ø  Load up on Multivitamins
Build up the body’s resistance by giving your children Vitamin C and E pills or foods rich in Vitamin C and E. Vitamin C is a proven weapon to keep you and the children from getting sick.

  Ø  Drink Enough Water
Water cleanses your system and flushes out toxins such as germs and bacteria from your body. A well-hydrated body is better equipped to resist the cold and flu.

  Ø  Clean Hands
This is also important as dirty hands would open a route for the germs and bacteria to enter and body and take on your child’s immune system.

  Ø  Avoid Stagnation
Stagnant water is a breeding ground for the mosquitos that causes Dengue, Malaria, other parasites and even anaerobic bacteria.

 Source: India Parenting

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